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Why I Gather

By: MJF  Someone recently told me they didn’t attend church because of hypocrites. I’ve heard people say it before, plenty of times as a matter of fact. Yet my response was along the lines of my realization of that I too have been a hypocrite and full of flaws is my exact reasoning for acknowledging my need for God and that’s part of why I attend church with others who have come to the realization as well. It feels good knowing that there is a place to go at least once a week where I am with others who love and worship the same person (Jesus Christ)/creator (God the Father) as me. When we go out into the world, on our own, to live our daily lives, it can feel lonely at times. Mainly if you’re in an environment or perceive yourself to be in an environment as the only believer of Jesus Christ. Whether that is in fact the case or not isn’t as important as the realization that “I am not alone.” I can freely, by the grace of God alone, go somewhere physically and gather with other likeminde

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