While reading Sarah Jakes (Roberts) book: “Lost & Found,” I couldn't help but to be touched in a beautiful and vulnerable way. As she explained the grace her parents & siblings showed her I got teary eyed and often cried. The truth is GRACE doesn't remind you of what you did & how you messed up. GRACE is the loving of you and embracing of you, GOD reassuring you that you are not alone in this.

 Even with the greatest GRACE we can still find ourselves drowning in our own guilt gasping for air. There were times I wanted people to see I was hurt inside, see my brokenness but they never did; GOD did! GOD would tell me ‘I see you.’  I’m reminded of the song “GRACE wins every time.” There is a way out of your shame, your guilt and it starts by accepting that JESUS CHRIST nailed your sins to the cross and rose so that you may one day rise. You have to accept the payment that HE made and realize you have been set free regardless of what you have done. The WORD of GOD tells us JESUS didn't come to condemn (sentence, blame, criticize) us but to save us. (John 3:17).   

Grace: dignify, honor, favor, unmerited favor! All the opposite of what guilt and shame come to do. Shame and guilt are not from GOD even when we mess up. Our Father in heaven doesn't rub your mistakes in your face those are the lies of darkness and we must walk in the light of truth! Be blessed ya'll!

~ My Prayer~
Father God in heaven,
Help me to understand that I have your grace & that I can rest in you.  Amen.

~Scripture to Meditate On~
2 Corinthians 12:9
Ephesians 2:8