Self Love

Self Love

I would smile and say thank you but deep down, I had every excuse to believe the opposite of the given compliment. This reminds me of how the Word of God says we can ask for something in prayer but we must also believe that we will receive it.(Mark 11:24) Insecurity works the same way, it combats the compliments given to someone insecure. My nephew and I were talking one day and he, younger than I am, was giving me advice from a males perspective. All I wanted to talk about was some guy yet throughout our chat my nephew kept reiterating to me: you have to love yourself first. It finally clicked after the umpteenth time. I was lacking in (true) confidence because I didn't completely love myself. My insecurities resulted in poor choices in men and body wise. God showed me my thoughts as I looked at other women to find their flaws to sooth my insecurities (envy, jealousy, bitterness, self hatred) yes those ugly words; my soul was tainted. 

Now I can point fingers ALL DAY  at why I suffered from low self esteem but the fact remains it's still SELF ESTEEM. I went to the pinky promise conference 2016 and heard so many testimonies from so many women and all of them pretty much mentioned insecurities, I was like what? How? Insecurity has no eyes nor does it discriminate it is more than willing to fill anyone with an opening in their heart.I remember in high school this Hispanic girl who was so beautiful told me: I wish I could be confident like you; if only she knew. Insecurity will make us ruin relationships and tear down other people.  

I'm thankful God brought to my attention the insecurities in my heart to break them all off me! I joke that my God ordained husband must be extremely handsome because God has been working on me to cut my insecurities for awhile lol lol. Exposing yourself is never really easy but it helps that I had worship music playing as I wrote this. I pray this helps someone. (Revelation 12:11) Be encouraged because God intentionally made you. (Psalms 139)

Prayer: Father God in heaven I thank you for making me the way you made me. Remove the things that have been attached to me by other people and all that I have allowed in my heart. Help me to see who you created me to be. In Jesus mighty and matchless name amen!