The Process

The Process

We may not understand the process but we should know that each process is needed. For a two or three weeks now I have been telling people the only way for us to develop strength is to go through trials that try to break us. In order for us to be patient we must go through things, (Romans 5:3). Every promise has a process that it must go through. I wanted to use the process of making perfume as an example for this. I love perfume especially a light fragrance that isn't overwhelming; but before that fragrance can be produced the ingredients are needed. Once ingredients are gathered the manufacturer must extract the ingredients such as plants so that the oils can be released. There are different ways of extracting the oils but they all require placing pressure on the plant, squeezing it until the oils are released. For something good to be produced through you, you will be pressed! Although the process is hard know that God will not allow you to go through beyond your capacity, no matter how hard the trial seems. Though the easy way out will come along remember that nothing worth getting comes easy! (1 Corinthians 10:13). 

I started hating the process, honestly. I didn't want to go through anything. The more you dread something the harder it is for you to learn from it and that's precisely what begin to happen. I didn't want to be pruned, because it hurt. I didn't want to lose "friends" because then I would be "lonely." I didn't want to lose anything I thought was valuable, because why should I? I hated the process because it required more work on my part, more effort in my way of doing things, more thinking before making decisions. The fact remains the same regardless of how ugly it is, I enjoyed living reckless. I enjoyed not disciplining myself to anything, and this is a problem in which I am still dealing with. As long as we're in an imperfect world there will always be a process the best thing to remember is that through the Holy Spirit God corrects us along the way. God hasn't expected us to be perfect but to progress in life. We live and we learn is the goal! ( 1 Corinthians 13:11). So while the process may hurt at times I know that every promise God has for me I need the process to prepare me.  Quite frankly if God would have given me certain things before it's time all I would do is mess it up, I wouldn't be able to hold onto them. You have to appreciate where you are in life and when the next comes along you will not only appreciate having it but also the process to have it. It's like saying learn how to manage $100.00 before you ask for $1,000.00. The process wasn't designed to hurt us but to show us our weaknesses and to be shown how we can better manage those weaknesses. The process is designed to teach us how to manage life and prepare us for the next season of life. When it's fall and you know the winter is coming don't you prepare yourself with the proper clothing and get your heater ready for that upcoming season? Look at the process in that way, we are all being prepared for something. In the military they don't just recruit and throw the new recruits on the field, they must be trained appropriately. Stay encouraged! 

 Prayer: Father God, I know that you seek to help me get to my full potential and all that you do is for my good. Because you are intentional and a good Father I place my trust in you and my faith in you. May your will be done over my will and glorify yourself in me. In Jesus's mighty name amen. 


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