Into The Wilderness

Into the Wilderness

So once we see the title we’re thinking ugh!!! I hate this place! Right?  The reason we have come to hate the wilderness so much is because it disrupts our pattern. The wilderness is a place that calls for change in our lives. We become like the children of Israel who had to go through the wilderness longer than God intended. The journey that was to only take 11 days turned to 40 years. The Israelite's would turn their hearts from God and create idols when they felt like things weren’t working out how they wanted them to; they would complain and complain.  What are we currently prolonging in our lives because we refuse to stop complaining? Or what are we trying to rush instead of learn from?

In the wilderness I have felt overlooked, lonely, tired and then some. But really I was hidden and being prepared for the next season. My loneliness was really lessons in learning to trust God to be who He says He is, because He’s not a man that He would lie. (Numbers 23:19). The bible tells us that Jesus would go into a place of loneliness (Luke 5:16).While physically you feel lonely spiritually if you are connected to Jesus you aren’t lonely.  Stop depending on man to keep you company all the time and learn to just spend time with you and the Holy Spirit.  Yes I was tired only because I kept trying to fight my way out of the wilderness. As I write this I have to share that I am currently in the wilderness close to my promise land in Jesus name. Although it has shaken up my pattern, the wilderness has shown me I wasn’t being productive in my purpose. We develop at a greater level in the wilderness, if we see it as a benefit rather than a punishment!
Here are a few things I’ve noticed in life and in the bible about the wilderness:
  •  In the wilderness you learn who God is
  •  In the wilderness you learn who you are
  •  In the wilderness you gain wisdom, discernment and understanding
  •  You have the opportunity to build your trust and faith in Christ Jesus
  •   Wilderness is also a place where God will remove things out of you for the next season (Joshua 5&6 the Israelites were cleansed as they crossed the Jordan into the promise land) 

I’ll end this with Numbers 13 and 14, this has to be one of my favorite points in the bible. This reminds me that perspective matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you get it lol. In those chapters you will find that Moses sent spies to check out the promise land. Majority of the spies brought back negative reports while two had positive reports. The two were Caleb and Joshua, all of the spies saw how amazing the promise land was but only two trusted in God’s promise to give them the land. Let’s not forget Jesus willingly departed from the disciples to go into the wilderness after He received the Holy Spirit!  (Matthew 4). Although the wilderness isn’t easy the gain of it is worth it. Be of good courage children of the Most High God. God can and will use even the wilderness to work for your good, just submit to His process!
Stay Blessed!