Runaway Child


No man can serve two masters, you can’t serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). If God has called you why are you waiting on man’s approval? Pretty much all of my life I have struggled with people bondage; bondage is defined as the condition of a serf or slave and the condition of being involuntarily subject to a power, force, or influence. Meditate On It. Have you ever found yourself giving into a situation when all of you is telling you NO?! Or have you ever found yourself afraid to do or say what God told you to for fear of how people will react? You my darling have experienced, or may even still be in people bondage!
God called me to write and I was chosen to write, however there have been countless times I have wondered if what I was doing was right. The very last thing I want to do is offend God! So when He gave me this topic He did it in a way to confirm my calling at the same time. I could literally smile right now just thinking of how He did it. Let me just add that this confirmation came after I had started writing  My point is all that we go through will make you question yourself. I didn’t write this scripture that I’m going to reference when I first wrote the draft for this topic, but God is reminding me of it, the book of Jeremiah chapter 1. Jeremiah felt unworthy and unqualified yet God told Him I am sending you, don’t talk about what makes you inadequate in your own eyes (v7), and don’t be afraid of the people for I send you (v8). The fact is the world tells you a lie and God is the truth so who will you believe? When Jesus came He also brought with Him the TRUTH!
Now once you have found your identity in Christ, of course, our enemy will not like that! So the enemy will use whomever he possibly can use and whatever he can possibly use. As you grow in life while doing what God has called you to do, there will be people who the enemy will find it easy to use them against you (Ephesians 4:27)! I can’t lie to you and say sometimes it doesn’t feel overwhelming but that is when you have to run to the feet of God! Believe me I have done my share of running, crying and weeping at the feet of God. If God sent you and you obeyed and the response was opposition then pray, forgive whoever (Luke 17:1-3) and leave it at Gods feet (Ephesians 4:26). He knew before you actually did it what would happen so trust Him and not your emotions. Often time’s people will solely want to control you, that’s not God! People bondage is also a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1)!  When God gave me this blog I was still being broken of people bondage! Majority of the time we don’t realize we are in bondage, Harriet Tubman said it best. 

Truth is I kept trying to brush this under the rug not realizing this was a test and I kept failing. How can God use you if you’re going to argue with Him every time because you don’t want so and so to have anything to say about it? How can God use you if your response to Him is depending on other people? (James 1:4-8). Look at some of the prophets in the bible who tried to run from the assignment – Jonah, Elijah because of fear of people. When you fear people more than you fear God there is a MAJOR problem! I’m just saying a MAJOR problem! Heather Lindsey has a bible study on people bondage, which I had to watch twice via YouTube. John Bevere has a sermon also his is called, “the spirit of intimidation.” Watch both! I remind you all to be bold in what God has told you do and when He has told you to do it. Every assignment has it’s time don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you! Be free from the opinions of other people. Stop trying to do extra just to prove yourself to man. (2 Timothy 2:15) Whenever God is breaking something off of you trust it’s for your best; stop fighting it, stop sweeping it under the rug because there is more to life! Please read/ meditate on the scriptures included to help you break free of this once and for all. Once you're set free don't ever return back to that way of living instead live a life that aims at pleasing God! Share this with your friends, you never know who needs it!
Songs: Fight song by Rachel P, Not Backing Down by Blanca, Today by Blanca, Echo by Blanca.
Stay Blessed!