What Are You Waiting For?

 by Mj_Francois

There will always be something to wait for, how we use that time is what will make all the difference. Regardless of what you are waiting for I pray this helps you.
Wait can also mean: hold on, sit tight, remain, rest, stop, tarry, serve, break, recess, and wait on
A lot of us have the wrong idea about waiting. It’s much deeper than waiting to receive something! What are you doing while you are waiting? When you go to a restaurant the waiter/waitress is the one serving you. In life we are God’s sons/daughters that serve Him willingly and lovingly. (Colossians 3:1) Often times we want people around during the waiting period to keep us entertained! It’s OK to be alone sometimes; honestly we should learn to enjoy our own company prior to trying share it with others. Be careful who you allow to influence you in life and especially in times of waiting; you don't want someone giving you the wrong advice. (Psalm 1). Jesus had 12 disciples but don't forget there were times He only took 3, sometimes 4 off with Him.(Mark 5:37, Matthew 17:1, Mark 13:3, Matthew 26:37) In each of the above passages Jesus took the same 3 and occasional 1, meaning be as mindful as you can be about who you allow close to you. Being completely honest, I have been waiting for somethings in life for a few years now. It has been hard, so many times I cried out to God and that happens especially when everything looks like the complete opposite. What if “the wait” is time for us to develop, time for us to see who we really are or time for us to learn how we should be? What if “the wait” is for us to get closer to God and learn valuable lessons for the next season? What if “the wait” is really time to serve God? You could/should be serving whether it is in ministry at church or in the community. There really are so many productive things we can do during this time, so what are you waiting for? I became more active in my purpose and in my family life as I waited more. 
When we make the decision to not wait we more than likely end up wishing we had waited. Here are a few things I suggest you ask yourself/ the Holy Spirit:
  • ·         Do I know my purpose? (Esther 4:14)
  • ·         Have I been still to let God speak? (1 Samuel 3:9)
  • ·         What am I supposed to be doing during this time?
  • ·         Am I resting or am I stressing myself for the next? (Psalm 16:8-11)
  • ·         Am I remaining where God has me or am I trying to rush the process? (1 Corinthians 7:20)
  • ·         What is the real reason I am tired of waiting? (Isaiah 40:31, Philippians 4:4-6)

We often want to rush to particular things instead of focus. We all have things that we are to be learning, working on etc in every season, our job is to focus on those things for the glory of GOD. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you wait/serve God in your current season while seeking the Kingdom of Heaven first. (Matthew 6:33) 
Stay Blessed!