Who Are You Letting In

By: Mj Francois
Every time I’ve tried to do things my way and not GOD’s I was reminded of Adam and Eve; their decision to go against what GOD said because the enemy seemed to be offering something better and quicker.
Dressed up like everything you think you absolutely must have, this is how temptation is.
  •      But how did Adam and Eve get to the point where they fell?
  •       How do we get to the point that we fall?

The job of the serpent, the devil, is to make us question everything GOD says. Obedience requires us to not give GOD’s instructions a second thought, but we’re human and naturally curious. We must first remember that GOD isn’t a man that HE would lie nor take HIS Word back. (Numbers 23:19). We have got to be careful not to entertain the enemy and his lies. Eve gave too much time to speak to her and so did Adam. Think to when Peter tried to tell Jesus he wouldn’t let him go to the cross, (Matthew 16:23). Jesus immediately rebuked the spirit behind the statement, Satan! When we give lies too much time in our space/thoughts it can lead to a fall. This is why GOD says to meditate on HIS Word, HE isn’t being controlling HE knows the tricks out here and we need The Word to help us through. The Word of GOD is called the Sword of the Spirit, we use this to fight back the lies; lies from the enemy that we’re lonely, that the wait is too long that GOD didn’t really say that. Just like when Jesus was in the wilderness and the Word of GOD says the enemy left Jesus for a more opportune time (Luke 4:13); our enemy is clever he doesn’t do it all at once he plants little seeds here and there and they add up! The enemy poses questions to make us question the word GOD gave us and our identity, he’s the author of confusion and the father of lies the Word tells us.  

My brothers and sisters in Christ let us pray daily that our Heavenly Father may show us what areas of our lives we have given ear to the enemy. Let us pray and ask who or what the enemy uses to plant these seeds of lies in our minds. Temptation is designed to be desirable but the great thing is GOD always makes a way out. (1 Corinthians 10:13). I’ll share a small personal experience, years ago I was hanging with someone I knew I had no business hanging with and they plainly said I never get called but the moment I come hang out with you I’m getting all these calls. I literally thought to myself maybe this is a sign, a sign that I ignored. The point is GOD makes a way out but we have to choose to take the way out and do our best not to place ourselves in a place where our actions can contradict what we know.