Guest Blog | Sowing Is Serving

Many times, when we hear the word serve, as Christians we think about ways we can use our gifts and talents to benefit others either in or outside of the church. Whether on the worship team, as an usher, volunteering at a homeless shelter or tutoring children. Also, when we hear the word sow, most of us automatically think about financial sowing or tithing. Not that any of this is wrong, but lately I’ve come to learn that there is another aspect of this. Not only do we sow financially, but we can also sow time, encouragement, prayers, peace, love, grace, mercy, our gifts etc.
There have been times where I wanted to serve in a specific capacity and was disappointed when either the opportunity wasn’t presented, or my schedule didn’t permit it. However, the whole time I had been making myself available, offering a listening ear, a helping hand and doing my best to walk in peace and love. I had been serving all along but at the time I didn’t realize it.

We must be careful not to put things in a box or have rigid mindsets about the ways of God. We must remain pliable and open to the plethora of ways God wants us to serve without limiting him. So, continue sowing seeds of faith, patience, kindness and forgiveness in addition to all the other ways in which you may serving in or outside of church. Either way, sowing is serving, and we must do it as unto the Lord.

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Stay Blessed!