It's Not What You Think

Imagine a boxing match; there is an order in the sport as there is an order in the kingdom of GOD. GOD is in control of the match (which represents our lives). Until that bell rings we cannot meet; come in contact with or deal with our opponent. In this instance our opponent will actually be a promise we are waiting for.
Let’s go back before the match. A boxer’s manager sets up the match, for us this is GOD telling us the promises HE has for us. So in preparation of the match what do we do? We study and practice. We study the opponent; so if GOD tells us HE has the promise for a family etc. we should be studying the dynamics of a family, the purpose of family and even review some do’s and don’ts. One do could be praying for your future family. We also prepare for the match. Preparing could be to start budgeting and learning how to save and even plan family trips. As the date and time approaches GOD our manager, will continue to help us prep for the meet up. Once we’re in the ring it’s not time yet but we are closer than before. Our spirits are leaping the adrenaline is pumping because we are going through the motions. Don’t worry I will definitely give Biblical reference. It isn’t until the bell sounds that we can truly encounter that opponent, that thing, that promise that GOD has for us.
 In Joshua 6 we read how GOD carefully instructed Joshua to take on Jericho. Suppose Joshua didn’t follow GOD’s order, suppose he decided he didn’t want to walk around the city 7 times on the 7th day. Imagine if we went after our opponent in the ring before the bell went off; we would disqualify ourselves or get penalty points. My point is: wait until GOD says now to meet your promise face to face. Know that HE is on your side. In the time of wait prepare and study, Joshua and the people weren’t sitting around prior just waiting, they were preparing. Our preparation maybe different from theirs and one another, let GOD lead you into it, but we all must prepare. Read Joshua 6 for yourself and see their preparation before day 7, see how they marched around the city walls and worshiped GOD. Whether we realize it or not, worship is a form of fighting spiritually; it sets the atmosphere and prepares the way for the KING of kings and LORD of lords to enter and move.  

Stay Blessed!