Travel Blog | Haiti

 What comes to mind when you hear the word travel?

I was stuck and under the false impression that I couldn't travel; I knew for sure I didn't want to live my life never seeing the world. I made the decision to stop believing the false idea that as a single mom I couldn’t travel. I wanted to be sure that my children were either traveling with me or would be in a safe environment by the grace of Christ Jesus; I also wanted to make sure I could afford to travel.

Last week I traveled to Haiti with a group of writers as part of The Writers Retreat Company, also partnered with MennenmLa (mennenmla_tours on Instagram) to take us around the country. We were there for 5 nights and 6 days 2 nights in Port-Au-Prince & 3 nights in Jacmel, Haiti I haven’t visited Haiti since I was eight years old, so 21 years ago; literally GOD lined the entire trip up for me! I had a year to pay it off if I needed to do so, spring break was on the same week for my kids’ grandmother and people were giving me things left to right to wear and use without me even asking. We spent time at an orphanage with such amazing and beautiful children, and boy did they work me out playing games. We took a hiking trip; I rode motorcycles, jumped off a cliff into beautiful water (Bassin Bleu) and so much more! The food was everything I imagined and greater, talk about exceedingly and abundantly! LOL! This trip was so Holy Spirit led so much so that the founder of The Writers Retreat literally cancelled the schedule and said we’re letting GOD take over! We prayed, we laughed, we worshiped GOD, we danced and we were simply put, free!  I truly enjoyed being in Haiti and fellow-shipping with godly community immensely and seeing the smiles upon the faces of the Haitian people. No matter what the news media may show sometimes about the island of Haiti, I knew as a child and even more now that this is a rich and beautiful culture. I’m still proud to be Haitian! My new focus is to show the love of Christ wherever I am and to be engaged in the present moment every moment.

If you have the desire to travel take it to Jesus and watch Him move!
Stay Blessed!