Tropical Family Vacation

Hey all welcome back to my blog! And thank you for visiting my website. If you follow me on social media then you know by now my kids and I went on a trip recently. I received a few questions prior to and after the trip so I wanted to write a complete blog answering all questions. 

Whenever I'm planning something, I don't do everything all at once, to keep myself from getting overwhelmed financially. In February I saw that Southwest Airlines had a great promotion going to a variety of destinations, but I chose Puerto Rico. Growing up I wanted to spend my summers in a Spanish speaking country; soaking up the culture and living like a native. Years of “adulting” somehow allowed me to forget my desire to live such a life until recently. I knew I wanted to take family vacations and being that it would just be my two children and I, I wanted to ensure I was going somewhere safe. I had heard a few things about Airbnb and decided to book a place to stay through them. I booked a small cottage like two bedroom two bath home in the city of San Juan for a great price. We spent five and a half days there.  I rented a car from Dollar, and I will never ever rent a car in another country again. Unlike most rental car companies, I was charged additional fees for tires and maintenance of the car. I opted out of getting the toll road pass, I figured if I would do what I do in the states, find an alternative route. Although the roads are similar to the U.S. the roads in P.R. are still not what I’m use to driving on. Many of the traffic lights were not working, more than likely due to Hurricane Irma, which makes it a bit scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most places downtown, similar to our downtown areas in state, require paid parking so be prepared for that. It was nice being able to get up and go but the next time I travel I’m using Uber. I calculated that Uber would be more affordable to use. My kids and I went shopping at the local Walmart for groceries and we cooked majority of the time that we were there. We went to the local children’s museum in Carolina, Museo de Carolina, and let me tell you it was so far the best museum that my children and I have ever gone to. It didn’t cost much to get in and explore, parking is $3. We went to Escambron Beach in San Juan, I honestly thought we would have more beach days, but it didn’t go that way. Every day was filled with something so I’m not complaining at all lol. On Sunday we went to a church located in Guaynabo, PR which was about 30 minutes from San Juan. 
On our second to last day (which was Monday) in PR my kids and I went to Old San Juan, I almost booked a tour but I figured we could tour the city for ourselves and that we did! Bear in mind that you need to find a parking garage, while at the 1st fort I learned the hard way with a parking violation. I tried to get it dismissed but it didn’t work lol, so I went on to see the 2nd fort. The forts in Old San Juan are breathtaking! The walking is vigorous but my goodness it was worth of every minute of huffing and puffing. While we were leaving the 2nd fort to go back to our Airbnb we met another mother and her two children. They gave us their kites; we spoke for a while and ended up having dinner together. That night was honestly the only night that we actually ate authentic Puerto Rican food, which we enjoyed immensely. On our last day we spent most of our day sitting in the airport waiting for our flight, if I could do that day different I would have checked our bags, took an Uber to the mall and then went back to the airport and caught our flight home. My kids and I had an amazing time, I’m so looking forward to taking more vacations as a family and as an individual. 

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Stay Blessed, 
Marie J. Francois