Date Night:Parenting Multiple Children

A few weeks back I took my son on a date; yes that’s right, I go on dates with both of my children. Life can be busy at times but the fact is our kids desire our attention. Before my daughter was born, it was my son and I; as I got closer to my due date I started taking my son out on dates. Kids can get lost in between siblings and I don’t ever want any of my children to feel less loved than the other.
At the beginning of the year my son created a vision board at church; attending a basketball game was part of that board. Attending a basketball game had been a goal of mine for years; so I decided to take my son. He was so excited once he found out!
We had such a great time, we sang the Miami heat songs, danced for the nearby cameras and so much more; I'm so glad I got to take him to a Miami Heat game, not to mention it's D. Wades last year! I don’t get to spend one on one time with my kids too often in a month, but when I do, I enjoy it. I gain more appreciation for them the more time I spend with them.
So parents, if you have someone that you know you can trust that can help you with babysitting for a few hours while you take one child out, ask them to do so. If you have no relatives nearby, go to your child’s school for a lunch date; alternate between kids.

That’s all, stay blessed!