You Better Live

Hey Sis,
How has 2019 been so far?

 I believe this year has been the “take the bull by the horns” type of year so far; possibly a turning point for every year to come after. I consciously made the decision to let go of my: “when I am in a relationship to-do-list.” OK, it wasn’t officially titled that; but that’s basically what it was, mentally.

For as long as I could remember things like: going to a basketball game, horseback riding, and going to a gun range were things on my to-do-list reserved specifically for when – I – was – in – a - relationship. I know somethings we want to reserve for when we have our God-approved mates, but are we placing life on pause until marriage? Each one of those things I mentioned above, I can do as a single individual and then when I get married, I can go do with my husband.

I missed out on so many basketball games, with players that have retired all because I was waiting on a guy to come and take me. In March of this year, I decided to take my son to a basketball game on our little mother and son date (find that blog in the 2019 lists of titles). 
While my list may be superficial to some, it’s a legitimate list. Read then ponder on the following questions.

What have you placed on pause because your future spouse hasn’t come into your life yet?

Have you explored that this could be the time God has called you to really get to know yourself?

How much have we missed out on because of us not living our best lives at whatever point in life we are in?

 Do you know how much could be accomplished?

Whether you’re supposed to be going hard in your company, finishing school, and or traveling, God wants us to give excellency; without being anxious about getting married. Sis, we should be walking in our God given purposes, growing closer to Christ, working on yourself and enjoying the life we have been given! Try not to overthink life and make the most out of your life. 

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