Shopping Challenge

          There are only 9 days until Christmas! I’m constantly looking for great ways to have fun with my kids, in an affordable way. A few weeks ago, I was watching a YouTube video on “The Ohana Adventures” channel and found a challenge that I wanted to try with my kids!

           Basically how it worked was, the kids could get anything that they were able to carry in their arms. If they dropped anything, they would get nothing at all. I switched a few things up by allowing my kids to keep what they didn’t drop but whatever fell had to get put back. I also had my children shop for each other instead of their cousins like they did in The Ohana Adventures vlog, that way these gifts could be gifts to one another from each other. They each were given $20.00 to spend, and I took them to the store separately to shop; that way it would be a surprise on Christmas day! I’m a single mom, so I had to make do with the resources that I have. I picked up each child from aftercare and left the other on their challenge days. My son and I went first; I chose to shop at Target because I figured we would get more things for a little girl at a reasonable price. My son previously told me that he would just buy something that was $20.00 worth, but obviously that would ruin my plan, so I advised my kids they had to get items under $5.00. The following day I took my daughter to shop at Five Below; from what I saw on their website it would be more appealing for a child my son’s age.

           My kids and I had immeasurable fun. Taking them separately allowed some one on one bonding, which is always special. This challenge is very budget friendly, and easy to cater to your family. It’s also a great way to bond with your family; not to mention it shows how well someone knows the other person they’re shopping for. While they get gifts, the more important gift was the quality time and joy that will come; isn't that part of the meaning of Christmas? Thanks for tuning in!

Merry Christmas 2019! Stay blessed