Not The Same

     Hey everyone! I hope you all have been well & thinking about what I shared about in the last post. I want to address something that I know is important & intimate; quiet time with God.
Last year I struggled a few times with my quiet time, not because I didn’t want to spend time with God, but because I was trying to make my quiet time look and sound like what I heard people say theirs looked like. There is nothing wrong with listening to the suggestions of others, but as individuals we must consult directly with the Holy Spirit to see what our time with God looks like.
    The best way that I can explain this is by using my mother as an example. My mother has 5 children; however she did not speak to us the same way. She loved each of us, yet she knew the way each of her children would receive her words. Some of us were more sensitive than others, so she was more careful in her approach. With those of us that she could joke with and know it wouldn’t be taken as offense she approached a different way. I hope you all catch my drift. There is no one perfect quiet time/ intimacy routine, with God. As God is our Abba Father, He knows how to reach each of us, our job is to give room to Him & know His voice. Don’t beat yourself up when you can’t do what you heard pastor so and so describe as their quiet time. On an episode of Pastors Wives, Lois Evans and a group of other pastor’s wives explained that in certain seasons your time with God may look completely different from another season you’ve had.
    I pray that this encouraged you to seek God more & in your own way. Your quiet time with God is important and it’s intimate; so don’t be so in a routine that you limit Him to only being able to speak and reveal to you in one way!

-Thanks for reading! Love you all.  Stay blessed.