Two Weeks In

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been feeling like something has been off. Now with us only being 2 weeks into the New Year, the feeling that something is horribly off, has brought ample discomfort to me. Perhaps I’ve been expecting to be further or maybe it’s because I have not been purposefully moving. I am by no means comparing my walk to anyone else’s so it’s not that. I believe it’s more of knowing bits and pieces of Gods blueprint for my life, yet I haven’t been consistently doing my work.
Writing is one of my outlets & I haven’t done much of it lately. I write outside of this beautiful blog; I write in my journal, I write prayers, I write my dreams, I write lyrics, and the list can go on. So even though I may post a blog monthly, I still haven’t been consistent in other areas & it has weighed me down. For this to resonate with you better, think of your own purpose & passions. Now imagine that you weren’t able to do them, not because of anyone’s doing but because of your own. “So just do it,” I’m sure that’s what you’re mumbling; however if you are a person who can overthink and worry it can become difficult to focus on your dreams. You must be thinking that the difficulties should be used to push one further into pursing their passions, but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. The normal cares of life can overwhelm us, but Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6: 25-34 that we don’t benefit from worrying.
So while it’s easier to worry than it is to focus on your goals, you have to be the one to push yourself to look beyond the current situations. Know that it won’t always be this way, if you take each day and take each necessary step. Not to mention, once you know who you are & your assignment in Christ, it’s pretty difficult to ignore the calling; hence the feeling that something has been off.  For days I’ve been going through my thoughts and asking God to guide me, wondering how I would even see what He promised; especially since things were going in the opposite direction. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to do it my way that His revelation came. It wasn’t going to happen, the way I thought was logical, it would come by me using this gift to write; just that simple. Most of the times, God takes us back to the drawing board, so that we can see what He already confirmed in us.
It’s not about our logic, it’s about His way! I can guarantee, His way will open more avenues than my logic ever would. Of course, you can do it your way, but be prepared to overwork.
-Thanks for tuning, Stay Blessed!