Great Party, Tight Budget

Great Party, Tight Budget 

Hey y’all! Can you believe the month of February Is almost over?! Judging by the title,
this is going to be a great read I can tell you now! My daughter recently turned 7 and I wanted to
throw a party for her. One thing though, the budget was tight. I mean tight tight!
So I’m sharing how I managed to throw a nice party while sticking to my budget & saving money!
Disclosure: Most of the items I used I already owned or
someone had no use for it & I asked for it. 
I used a gold backdrop I own and added streamers (I already had in my craft closet) using regular
scotch tape.

Photo booth prop 
Who doesn’t love a diy? Especially one where you don’t have to spend money.  I found some
free pics online and printed them; I also used card stock
paper I already had sitting around to make the Hello Kitty inspired
bows and used a blank canvas I had sitting around the home to
be the base of the prop. I used regular tape from the dollar tree and
taped the pics on and voila,
you have a photo booth prop! 

Cake Pop Box 
Thursday night 2/13, I had an actual dream of a beautiful gold box with the words: "Lol girl"
on it & I knew when I woke up this was going to be what I used
for the cake pops! But I didn’t have a box small enough at home;
but Friday when I was at work I overheard a coworker joking
about a small amazon box for moving. I looked over and asked for the box.
I took it home added wrapping paper I already had from Christmas
(I so need to work on my wrap skills lol) and some stickers I printed and
cut myself. I know GOD was with me this entire process! As creative as I
believe I am, the vision I had would not have been possible to execute without Him.
I honestly am thankful to Him for honoring my desire to stay at $100.00 and
still throw an awesome bday party for my daughter! And also for opening my
eyes to the possibilities over any limitations!  
Walgreen's had these fanny packs that weren’t overpriced and I almost bought one for my
daughter but figured Valentine’s Day would be over soon,
so they would more than likely go on sale soon. Sure enough I
went and purchased 2 different styles for the same price I would
have originally paid for one had I not waited! 

The other items such as party favors, table cloths, treat bags and more I ordered from Walmart.
Moving forward we are managing and budgeting our money better; see what you already own &
have fun exploring the endless possibilities! I know people spend hundreds & thousands of dollars
on kid parties, and that's their business, no judgement here; I am just simply grateful that I could do
it all and had so much favor along the way! My daughters cake was free, minus the toys. I got a
discount on the donuts, family members offered to help without me asking! IT WAS ALL AMAZING!
Most of all my daughter enjoyed her days!
Thanks for reading, stay blessed!

The 7's were made from cardboard I had & mod podge glue & glitter.

Because she has more than one favorite character
extra streamers
sprinkles for the cake pops


Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing! How was the cake? What flavor was it?

asyoucanbe said...

Thanks for commenting! It was chocolate, and it was so good!