Quarantine Hacks

Hey ya'll basically with all of this quarantine and Corona going on, we’ve all had to figure out some things. For me who has young children I’ve had to find simple things to do to keep them good emotionally during this time. So below you will find 3 short posts about some of what we’ve been doing. 

Pie Eating Contest

My son has been wanting to be part of a pie eating contest for years now & it never just worked out. So I decided to conduct one for them. I simply went to our local grocery store and bought the mini ones and set them up and the 3 of us had our own contest. Speaking of which one of the employees was so intrigued she asked me to tell her the results of it the next time I see her. So many giggles and trash talking (on my part lol). You can watch the video on their YouTube channel which I will link below. Have you thought about having a pie eating contest with your kids? 


National Ice Cream Day 

So if you didn’t know, Sunday the 19th of July was National Ice Cream, I myself didn’t know until a few short days before. I was browsing the weekly ad at our grocery store and saw the ad for it. So I bought my kids and I some dairy free ingredients, for those who don’t know 2/3 of us are lactose intolerant, and we had ourselves an ice cream party. I was surprised that there was dairy free whip cream and that it was delicious. Saturday we made banana splits (because the kids wanted to) and Sunday we made ice cream sandwiches using waffles! We had a sweet time *insert smirk*. What are some creative ways you’ve had ice cream? Comment below.


Mom For Mayor 

Last but not least, I know a few people who would appreciate this blog. If you get busy and want to make quick dinner, why not have #BreakfastForDinner ? First of all I love breakfast food,  I can eat it whenever and don’t get to really cook it every morning so for the evenings I wasn’t prepared to cook a dinner meal (defrosting meat etc) I whip up some breakfast. My kids love it! And so do I!  If you don’t mind using food coloring you can add a bit to your food! Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? Comment some ways that you spruce up your meals below! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to connecting with you all! I pray this helped give some ideas to do with your kids. If your kids are older find ways to use these hacks for their level of age. Please share this post with others. And as always always: Stay Blessed!