Julie & Julia: Seafood Edition

By: Marie J. Francois

“When you didn’t know you had it in you but GOD knew”- Marie J. Francois

I’m well aware that the name of the chef was Julia Child’s however I prefer Jules more *insert smirk* no disrespect to the chef of course. 

It’s summer time and we know that there are seafood boils happening all over but I am not there yet. I am however here for the seafood menu! 

For years I stayed away from the dishes I believed to be “too complicated” to cook. I have however been enthusiastic about learning to add a plethora of my meals under my belt for years now.

Here we are in 2020 under semi quarantine and options are few. Cooking & eating happens to be some of the few things we can do. So like many others, I’ve been taking advantage of this time to rest & better myself. I purchased some lobster tails a few weeks ago; I hardly ever splurge on food. So, I had the lobster tails in our freezer from the time I purchased them until yesterday; I finally took them out to thaw out and cook for 4th of July. It’s not your traditional bbq but it would definitely do. 

I found the recipe for the dish while scrolling my YouTube for something completely different, see the link below. I added some onions and didn’t use as much butter. I also used some of the extra juices from the lobster and shrimp (see video to understand) to boil the pasta. My son and daughter enjoyed the meal so much that they wanted seconds! My kids are brutally honest and will tell you when they don’t enjoy something. 

I’m pleased that they enjoyed this like I did. Side Note (S/N) the avocado was for added color & to avoid wasting food. Lol. 

Thanks for reading the blog & be sure to share. Also comment some simple recipes that I can try.