Above Surface Friends

“Life is better when you do it with those whom reciprocate your love!”

I’m so glad to be writing and sharing this blog post. Recently I’ve been experiencing and carrying heavy burdens on my shoulder & although I didn’t have to I was carrying a lot of this on my own. I never stopped praying and trying to shake it off but it was like a balloon filled waiting to let out condensed hot air. As hard as it is to put on a facade it’s even more difficult to be told your facade isn’t working.


So when a few of my friends let me know that I wasn’t being myself I felt:

1. Embarrassed

2. Like a huge spotlight was on me.

    I guess we get used to the idea of friends but not the reality of it. Because in the idea you get to be in control of everything, how you want it and how it will be. While in the reality of it requires authenticity and vulnerability. Me being a person who experienced “betrayal” at the hand of friends at a young age the reality of friendship hasn’t always been an easy one. It’s easier to placate that everything is okay when it’s not, than it is to admit you don’t have everything under control and feel overwhelmed. 

    A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of a reality show (I don’t even recall the name) but some friends had gathered for dinner and catching up; well one of the women had been working majority of their nerves. Reason being, she wasn’t being open with anyone. Can you imagine putting yourself out there in a vulnerable state and it not being a two way street? I’ve experienced that and it’s far from pleasant. So as difficult as it can be sometimes I’m grateful for true & pure friendship/sisterhood. This blog goes out to my girls, my sisters and family! If you have friends or family that you can consider friends, cherish the relationship and respect the relationship! These people are the ones you can lean on, who encourage you, who pray for you, who have got your back and genuinely love you. 

May your desire for true & pure friendships be given and may you give it as well.

Stay Blessed! 

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