Autumn Spice


Autumn Spice & Everything Nice 😏

It's one of the most wonderful times of the year! Life just feels good around fall year after year; I don't know why exactly nor can I explain it logically but it just does. 

This time of year inspires loads of baking, snuggles with your loved ones and so much more! This blog is part of my not so often personal Julie & Julia Challenge catered to the Autumn season. 

My kids and I have made recipes from apple bread to pumpkin spiced pancakes! Just hop over to Pinterest for simple recipes. My goal, for the past year has been to use what we already have at home to produce something new! Not only is has that helped when saving money but it's also helped to save space (btw de-clutter blog coming soon).

Thanks for reading this blog post. Have fun baking ya'll and be sure to share some of the recipes you like to make during the Fall season! I went to our local farmers market and stocked up on some carrots, below is a delicious carrot cake I made from scratch. 

Stay Blessed