No Ma'am, NO Thank You

Hey you all! So this won't be long, *insert grin* a few weeks back my sisters and I went out for brunch at a local bistro. Now I had heard my previous co-workers discussing this place and thought surely there must be an amazing menu at this place. However that wasn’t the case. It is possible that their lunch menu is better than the breakfast/brunch menu.

The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was ok but the food wasn’t the best. Aside from presentation, out of the 6 items that were ordered maybe 2 were tasty without any added items. My waffles came plain, which isn’t what I saw on the website, so I requested the powdered sugar and the strawberries. The poached eggs were sub-par in comparison to other establishments I have eaten at. The mimosas were ok; I did like the fact that being the colorful person that I am, when I asked if I could use something other than Orange juice, the reply was yes. Try the pineapple and orange juice combo, it was delicious (thanks sis).

Overall, I probably won’t be returning to find out about the lunch menu. Thanks for tuning in!


Stay blessed!