I Did It! Our First Thanksgiving!

 I Did It! Our First Thanksgiving!

If you’re reading this in the year 2020, then you already know Holidays this year haven’t been what we’re traditionally used to. 

This year, I decided to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal for my household. The turkey, the stuffing & the everything associated with Thanksgiving. If this year hasn’t taught us anything else it has shown us to value life + our loved ones more. The other day I was driving home from somewhere and it came to my mind just how good GOD has been to my family and I.  

* I recalled when I couldn’t afford a place to live on my own. 

* I recalled when my drivers license was suspended and couldn’t drive

* I recalled when I fixed my license but had to still either borrow a car or catch the bus 

* I recalled when I was making a little above minimum wage 

There was so much that came to my mind and I had to just give GOD praise! There’s been so much to be thankful for. Everything that we have wanted to happen may not have happened yet but think of all of the amazing things that have happened thus far!  

Thanksgiving is so much more than food but as you’ve noticed I’ve included photos of our thanksgiving! Shout out to my daughter, Jurney, for helping me cook. I definitely want to perfect the turkey in the future; next time I’ll make more gravy on the side to add more juiciness. 

I’m thankful for you all 😉! Stay Blessed.