More Than You Know


Happy by Martina

More Than You Know

Recently I was writing and thinking of certain conversations with certain women. It dawned on me that spoke/wrote quite a bit about their roles as mothers and wives (mainly mothers). After that analysis I realized I didn’t know what some of these women liked as women! Let me further explain I had “known” some for years and I didn’t know what they liked to do as individuals because the conversations usually went something like this:

How are you? How’s the family? Oh wow yeah these kids.....


and so forth but I didn’t know if like me these women had personal goals they’ve been working on or if being a parent and wife was genuinely all they did and loved to do. There’s nothing wrong if that last part is what you identify with. This episode is mainly a: don’t wake up and realize that life has passed you by, episode. Don’t be completely selfish because you don’t want to wake up years later and your kids and your spouse resent you for “self care” either. 

If there is such a thing as balance then I’d recommend finding your personal balance of being a great devoted family member and also doing something everyday that makes you happy.

When our children become adults they create their own lives (granted Jesus hasn’t come back before then) and if we’ve wrapped our entire identity in the role of a mother we are lost and struggling to figure out what we even like. Being that we are ever evolving, that sounds like years worth of debunking to get to our real selves; notice I said real and not old selves.

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-Stay Blessed