Never Posted- Overflow


                                                                By: Marie J. Francois

Happy New Year! Really quick this post was originally drafted to be posted 6/18/2016 I'm not sure why I never posted it but here goes! Enjoy!

The overflow songs are coming in huh? Supply and Demand; every time you turn around its overflow season. There isn’t anything wrong with asking God for overflow the problem comes in when our cups aren’t empty yet we ask God to fill it. As a parent, if my kids come to asking me for something but they haven’t finished what they have I’m going to tell them go take care of what they already have and then come back. Go and handle that first. It’s the same thing as asking for God to fill your cup up but you have things in there that need to be emptied out.

What are you filled with? Since we’re discussing cups that are already filled what exactly is it that you’re filled with? What has already occupied your time that you don’t give it to God? What has already made its way into your cup (heart) stuck its flag there and claimed it? I was reading the bible and wanted to be a woman after God’s heart. I prayed that God would search me and search my heart (Psalm 139:23-24). It WAS not an easy thing to do. But I was sincere in my request. God began showing me all the un-forgiveness I had in my heart. And when He revealed it to me it literally HURT. I didn’t realize I hadn’t forgiven some people, some situations and that it was affecting me. So my prayers turned into asking God to help me forgive others and myself! I don’t want to live my life tugging around a load of dirty laundry called un-forgiveness, not to mention: “forgive and you shall be forgiven” (Luke 6:37). It would stink to spend your life on Earth assuming you’re being a good Christian all to get in front of God and realize you had hate in your heart. The process isn’t easy but it’s so worth it! If you can relate it’s time to start emptying out.

I want God’s overflow too but I have [recently] learned: that I have to give God my heart before asking for anything. Not because I know I have allowed other some claims on my heart. Things that had no business being that close to my heart because I should have guarded my heart and kept giving it to God daily! By giving your heart to God you get to see what’s in there, deal with it and are  filled instead  up with godly things. So my final question to you and myself is: what are you holding onto that is hindering your growth, your blessings & your true overflow? Bring the empty cup to be filled up by Christ, and guard your heart from whatever that’s not like Him that it’s being filled with!

-Stay Blessed