Slow Down

Hey readers,

I decided to share a few things I have personally been learning + experiencing in hopes that it’ll help + bless you all! Since the title resonates with different avenues of my life I’ve created short pieces within this single blog post. This was done to convey the message in one convenient forum. Let us begin. 

A few weeks ago I heard within my spirit “slow down!” We’ve been told that before, right? This slow down was different though. 

This was pertaining to relationships (men specifically) and yes I am currently still single; but this ‘slow down’ within was telling me how much in the past I have rushed to figure out which label fits best. What do I mean? If ever a guy came into my life I wanted to immediately know the why & what for! There is nothing wrong with wanting to know someone’s intentions concerning you but for me it was different. Even if you don’t think you rush, read on. My main focus was what are you looking for, what do you want with me and so forth! A bit aggressive?! As I thought about it, I realized that the time between the initial encounter and the timing of labeling us as a couple was very short. I’m in no way saying something should be dragged out, especially if there is romantic chemistry. I am however saying some getting to know, without the labels of any relationship, should be done. Whether it’s a label of friends, boyfriend etc, two people should take time getting to know one another. I can admit that my rushing in the past has resulted in some pretty bad situations and or resulted in me getting annoyed at the snail pace & moving on. In my previous defense I didn’t want to waste time, but can you imagine rushing things to happen. Have you ever heard of the saying: “right person wrong timing,” well the timing is just as important as who's and what’s! So if like me, this applies to you in any form, slow down! Go to GOD & ask Him to help you not to be anxious about a thing (and do it as many times as needed —some habits take longer to break than others). 

Prior to that slow down: I kept hearing + being preached to about slowing down. I recently made some life changes & was running head first into some things. The quote “life isn’t a sprint, but a marathon” comes to mind. The warning that came with this slow down was that if I didn’t pace myself I would run myself restless or into a dangerous situation. It literally was about life for me. Between exploring, academic, professional and life goals, I was in danger of a few things. 

One thing being: disappointment of unmet goals. They happen to us all at least once, but when you’re placing overwhelming goals on top of already overwhelming goals what do you expect other than burnout. It’s like telling someone who isn’t an athlete to run a few miles straight with no adequate training. If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is. I also had godly purpose goals I wanted to achieve as well but the truth is I was in a new environment literally and would need to learn how things worked. I know when GOD calls us, the zeal within us literally wants to take off running but if the majority of New Year's resolutions haven’t shown you in anything else, you’d better learn that sometimes people don’t end the year with the same motivation they began with. With the purpose goals I was in danger of placing myself in the wrong place and or with the wrong connections. Oftentimes people can see something amazing in us, even when we can’t see it for ourselves, and we have to be extremely careful. I had to learn the hard way when it comes to pacing myself even in exploring. In early September I caught c19 & the weekend that would have made it officially two weeks I decided to go on a hike. Great idea right?! Well, I didn’t take into account that my lungs would need to build their way back to 100%. The state park was beautiful, but I can’t count how many times on the way back up I had to stop just to breathe. At one point I literally sat down for a while and prayed and commanded my organs to function properly (keep your googly eyes to yourself this is my testimony). When we finally made it back to the top and inside the office, I wasn’t just grateful for the AC if you know what I mean. In that instance I learned I can love to explore yet I don’t need to rush and explore. So long as I have breath in my lungs, insert praise break, I can go exploring. Perhaps for you it’s not exploring, nor your spiritual GOD given gifts/ purpose and it may not be about disappointments but if there is something somewhere in your life that you feel the tug to slow down in, then darling please slow down. You don’t have to keep up with anyone nor even keep up with your previous self. One year I was traveling so much and the following year I thought something was wrong with my life because I wasn’t traveling as much. No sweetheart sometimes we have to remain grounded so that GOD can do the groundwork -me! Lol. 

Well you all, thank you for tuning in & please share this with someone.