This Christmas...

Hey readers, 

This Christmas season I decided to do something different. Traditionally I post what my family and I did on or after Christmas day. However, the idea came one night to create different blog posts leading up to Christmas day to inspire my readers of a few things they can do for the holiday season. 

So get ready for an epic month ahead. I promise to post the following:

  • Fun events

  • DIY’s

  • Recipes 

  • Serving/Caring for others 

  • Store finds

  • Decorating

  • Family friendly events

  • Friendly meetups 

Now as some of you may know by now, my kids and I recently relocated to Georgia so you can believe that we will be exploring quite a bit. I’m not certain how many posts I will be doing, but be sure to follow me on Instagram (@iam.mariejen) and know what days I share a new “Blogmas.”

Thanks for reading!


Kiana said...

I'm here for it❤️

asyoucanbe said...

Love it!!!!