Christmas Treats


Who else has been stoked to have the seasonal treats? 

My daughter sure has! Since it was mainly her idea, I wanted her to take the lead. 

Last Christmas I created an entire dessert tray, see my December 2020 blog post for those pictures. However, the past few months, I’ve been changing our eating habits and ensuring that we work out a few times a week; so I bear that in mind when it comes to the holiday eating.

 I purchased sugar cookies and some holiday Hershey’s kisses and let my little girl have her way. She has an apron I purchased her a while back that she wears when she means business. Check out the photo with her measuring the spaces between the cookies with a ruler. I was a bit exhausted from a long day/week really but she certainly kept me entertained during this process. 

Overall: the cookies were touching from some overcrowding action happening and the Hershey's were placed on the cookies way too soon, lol, but we had fun and they were still delicious. Next time we bake, I think I’ll be more hands on. 

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  • Sugar cookies

  • Hershey’s kisses:

    • Hot Cocoa Mix

    • Sugar Cookie

    • Candy cane

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