Grief During The Holidays

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! 

I know the holiday season isn’t always an easy one for some but I hope that changes for the better for those who can relate! 

9 years ago, my mother passed away just a few short days before Christmas, so believe me when I say I can understand some hard memories during the holidays. Before my mom passed away, she had set some Christmas money aside for her grandkids (she was always prepared) and I’ll hold onto the beauty of that. 

I don’t know what makes the holiday season tough for you, but I sincerely pray that GOD would change the memory’s to better ones for you in the name of Jesus. Whether Christ was born during this time of year or not, let’s still celebrate the reasons for Him being born. He came to forgive us & redeem us because our loving Father saw fit to have mercy & compassion towards us in this broken world. Recently, I’ve been grateful for: 1 John 4:16-18. Please make time to read it and in different versions if possible until you are truly convinced: You are loved! 

Thank you for spending this Christmas season reading this BlogMas series 🎄! 

See you in 2022 ❤️