Holidays At The Office


Most of you don’t know this but I don’t work in a traditional office setting anymore.
One of the things I enjoyed most was during December, I’d go all out for Christmas.
If we had stockings, I’d stuff my coworkers' stockings with little trinkets. They wouldn’t be
expensive things, just nice little enjoyable items. 

Certain stores such as Walmart have stocking stuffers ranging from $1-$5. 

Everyone may not celebrate Christmas so bear that in mind & respect that as well. 

Here’s a few things I would do to spread some holiday cheer around the office. 

  • I would pass out cards one day (I keep those stocked up)

  • Another day I’d purchase a bag of candy and leave one on everyone’s desk in the morning for them to find when they come in

  • Bring in a box of holiday food to share (Dunkin Donuts is a great place to grab a box for the office) 

  • Small lotions or hand sanitizers are a great stocking stuffer (Bath & Body Works usually has

  • great deals on them or Walmart) 

You would be surprised how many of my coworkers didn’t want to participate at first but

joined along the way! 

Happy holidays!