The Christmas Toy Box


Alright everyone let's kick off our Blogmas! 

For the past few years I’ve participated in the Christmas boxes in some way shape or form and this year is no different. Basically, you choose the gender and age of the recipient, then fill the box with things that can be transported safely. 

This year my son and daughter got a box to fill. This Christmas I wanted it to be less about getting stuff and more about sharing with others. I’ve been listening to P. Tiphani Montgomery a lot and one thing she can’t stress enough is for us to give aggressively! How much of a blessing it truly is to be able to help others, in whatever capacity! We don’t necessarily know which country these boxes will go to but I’m so grateful that we can help even in this way. 

Each of my children have a budget (of their own money) to contribute
towards the box and I matched their contributions! My daughter, because of the amazing heart GOD has
given her went over her budget because she wanted her recipient to truly be "wowed" by the box and
when I say it moved me so much! It moved me to get her a gift she has been wanting for about 2 years

If your church doesn’t participate in the Christmas shoe boxes, you can always suggest it or find

other safe and secure ways to help out.