Winter Weekend Getaway


Last Christmas my kids and I traveled to Pennsylvania to spend a few days with my younger brother.

Never mind that there was a whole plane full during a pandemic, but this was our
first Christmas day away from most of our family. During that trip my children and I experienced
snow for the first time ever, both the frozen dirty kind and the fresh snowflakes falling down!
It was one of the most precious moments I’ve shared with my children so far. That trip birthed a
desire within me to spend less money on gifts and take some of it and take a trip with my family. 

This Christmas, I knew I wanted to take a getaway again but my younger brother took

a job in Asia so my unset plans were changed. It’s ok to giggle at the last sentence.

I had a vision a few months ago of our winter photos but I had no idea how or what

our Christmas would look like; IE why my plans were unset. So here are a few of my main

focuses when it comes to planning a trip:

  • Lodging

  • Gas

  • Food

  • Fun Excursions

I looked up some affordable Airbnb’s and decided to take a weekend trip with the kids

in another state! Of course it’s the holiday season so my main focus was setting an affordable

last minute budget that would include the below. Airbnb offered me the option to pay a

deposit to hold the home and to pay the rest of the balance at a later time, I want to say

it was nearly a month; but it was definitely 2 weekends before the actual trip that the

full balance would be due. I'm not certain if it's an option that the host has to allow or

if Airbnb offers it across the board, but I think it's a great feature that they've added.

When it comes to food during travels, if you've read my "The Gift" blog post then you know I 
in our local area. I found the restaurant online and tried it with the kids. The picture included is the 
BBQ Chicken pulled potato boat. save gift cards to use them specifically when I travel. However,                                I enjoy trying food that isn't available where we live. 

Traditionally when we travel, we try and do some exploring however this trip I just needed to rest. So we

enjoyed the fireplace and the gift of nothing to do!

As our family grows I pray my husband and I can keep this tradition of traveling during the

holiday season going. Let us know if you like traveling during the holidays and if you do name

some places you’ve gone and things you have done on your trips.