Inside Out

Happy new year, yes in March (insert smirk). 

How has life been so far into the New Year for you? I must say mine has already been filled with revelation, more things to grow from & in. 

On February 2, I thought about how I was ignored and how it felt horrible. Then my mind jumped to how much I wouldn’t tolerate such behavior. Just as quick as that thought came in, entered the next two thoughts. Could this be what Jesus means when He said we should worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth? Is this why Jesus said if we deny Him before people, He will deny us in front of the Father? 

A lot to think about, right? As bad as I felt ignored, I tried to imagine how GOD must feel whenever He, who is Qanna - the jealous GOD, is ignored by us. Can you imagine giving your love to someone over and over only for them to take it for granted and disrespect you? Can you imagine telling someone in order for us to develop and maintain a beautiful relationship, this is the treatment I will and won’t accept from you only to have them do mainly the won’t? 

If I found myself so bothered, I could only imagine the sovereign GOD and how He felt. So, I did some root word research, on the everyday words that were used in the paraphrased scriptures. 

Spirit: current air of breath, the rational soul, vital principle mental disposition, life

Truth: true, verity, true {as not concealing}

Denyrefuse, reject

Before: against, in present sight

Worship: fawn, do reverence to adore

Must: ought, need, should

Matthew 10:33

John 4:23-24

If 2020 taught us nothing else, it taught us that it was time to develop and grow our personal relationships with GOD, the Father! The world being “shut down” with curfews even being impeded in some places, fear being pumped out left and right; I mean many knew not what to do in the beginning. I believe many traditions were being broken off and we were having to relearn God's true way. 

Although a lot has happened, I believe it’s time and it’s been time for us to go from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:16-18). The Bible tells us there is time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3) right? The Bible also says at some point we are supposed to transition from milk to solid food (1 Corinthians 3:2 & Hebrews 5:12-14) right? If you’re wondering what this has to do with Spirit and in Truth, we’re almost there!! 

In order for us to grow closer to GOD we can’t keep ignoring Him. Maybe we don’t ignore seeking Him every day, but what if we ignore His beckoning to do something? The more we worship Him, the more we revere Him, the more we grow in Him and the more we actually equip ourselves to walk with Him. Not one of us, I believe, can truly grow in faith (glory to glory) without spending time with Him & in His Word. Just like a human relationship can only continuously develop with time, as is our time with GOD. Anyhow, the more our relationship with Him develops, the more accessible He truly is to us (Jeremiah 29:13 & James 4:8). So really, it’s to our benefit to seek, worship in spirit and in truth, and not to deny Him. We make out better than bandits because we do things His way and not ours. 

I know this read was longer than my usual posts but there is so much to unpack here. Be blessed and happy month ahead! 

Song Recommendation: “How Good” by Social Club Misfits