It Won't Be Like Before


Every so often I watch crime investigation shows and one thing sticks out to me so much recently because it reminds me of this current season. Perhaps you can relate, so keep reading! 

When the task force jumps in to help there’s usually a plan, a strategy if you’ll have it already in place for what's ahead. No matter the city, no matter the squad, one thing in common is there is always One person calling the shots. Even if a fellow officer were to think they had a great opportunity to move and suggested it to their colleagues, until the commander gives the order to move in, they must wait! Whew, I don’t know about you but that blessed me. 

Oftentimes our well-meaning confidants or even people we don’t know but follow have good advice for us, but it isn’t what GOD Himself is saying! That is why it’s important for us to hear Him for ourselves. That is why I believe He has brought His people to a place of being less dependent on others (well-meaning individuals) and more dependent on Him. One of the reasons I believe this is so, is because when we depend too much on man we rely on their strategy and become closed off to GOD’s strategy. It’s difficult to recognize the plan of GOD, if man keeps hollering, 'He would never move in that way!' There’s not a Bible story that you have read that you can say is the exact same as another. If you know one, please let me know. Now the main characters may have done the same things (EX: Abraham & Isaac both lied that their wives weren’t their wives) but again those were humans repeating patterns, not GOD. Meaning even with the similarities of those we admire, our testimonies and paths will not be the exact same. 

We have placed GOD in a box of our human understanding and when life isn’t happening like so and so’s or like we expected we find ourselves confused and weary. We’ve then put chains of doubt and confusion on or back on ourselves. Isaiah 43:19 has been replaying in my head for several reasons. However, as it relates to this post, GOD starts with “Behold, I am doing a new thing....” A new thing! It won’t be like before. It won’t be like anyone else’s. It won’t be something you can put Him in a box about and say this can’t be Him! 

If you are currently in a period of alone time with GOD, or wilderness as some say, there can be a number of things happening. First, don't feel bad in this season. Many times, we hear about the character building He is doing with us in this season, but He is also building our trust in Him. If any of what I have said resonates with you, you are not alone. GOD would never ever steer us wrong. Keep taking the steps forward as He directs and when He directs! Remember how He does things in someone else's life is meant to inspire you, boost your faith and not for you to think that is exactly how He will move in your life.

I hope this blessed you, share with someone else!